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  • Our vision

    A trusted destination that provides relevant and actionable information to help people 50 and over live their best tomorrow.


    Originally conceived as a digital discovery platform, www.wyza.com.au (formerly RetirementLiving.TV) has evolved into a B2B, B2C and C2C platform that creates a MARKETPLACE for businesses to connect with consumers – and consumers to connect with each other.


    In a little over three years, we have built a rapidly growing subscriber base of more than 289,000 people who are constantly seeking information and guidance on lifestyle choices, travel, health and wellness, finance and aged care.


    We create ORIGINAL and ENGAGING content to meet their needs and our site is a comprehensive, valuable one-stop shop for its members.


    We help drive more customers to our partner brands, leading to increased AWARENESS and potential SALES.

    Audience Focus

    The 50+ Market

    Today there are 7.9 million people in Australia 50+ spending $4 billion on goods and services in market each week. Yet 10% marketing spend directed at 50+

    Strategic Partnerships

    Driving Value

    WYZA partners with market leaders to deliver services to its audience based on research. Currently this include Pet Secure, Bizcover and many more.

  • Our founder and board

    Our board are experienced media executives across all forms of publishing.

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    Our executive team are leaders in the digital publishing and content industries.

    Scott-Bradley Pearce

    General Manager


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