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Freebird Club Revolutionising Travel for Over 50’s

WYZA is proud to announce a partnership with the Freebird Club

WYZA is proud to announce a partnership with the Freebird Club (

The Freebird Club is an Irish-based peer-to-peer travel and homestay club for the over 50’s. Based on an easy to use online platform, it allows members from 70 countries to connect and stay with approved hosts with similar interests across 31 countries. Members can also host other Freebird Club participants and earn money by letting spare rooms, benefitting from social engagement and interaction.


The partnership is aimed at helping WYZA’s 300,000 member database and social followers to discover new people and places, and to open up an exciting world of experiences we can share with like-minded people at any age. The Freebird Club is opening doors to new adventures and at the same time addressing loneliness; a commonly identified issue for some older people.


This affordable, ground-breaking service puts an innovative spin on the Airbnb model and takes it to a whole new level, providing those in the huge over 50 demographic the opportunity to immerse themselves in foreign and exotic cultures by sharing company, exploring destinations, socialising and engaging in activities of choice with like-minded and hospitable local hosts, as opposed to just merely getting the keys to a property.


This tourism enhancement opportunity presents tantalising prospects not only for travellers, but also for those with a spare room, a healthy appetite for providing local insights and social engagement, and who are looking to benefit from the flourishing sharing economy.

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