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WYZA $1.2M pre IPO Capital Raise, Australia’s fastest growing digital destination for people 50+ knows the importance of brands getting the message right for the 7.9 million Australian’s over fifty. In just 18 months WYZA has 130,000 subscribers and over 500,000 site visitors per month. WYZA has formed strategic partnerships with companies that want to reach the 50+ audience. Blackmores offer 25% off vitamins (a recent survey of WYZA database showed 45% wanted more information on bone health, joints or back issues and 38% felt vitamins, minerals and supplements were effective) WYZA enjoys a trailing commission on all vitamin sales.

Other strategic partners include Bridges Financial, Spring Financial, Vic Super and OnMarket Bookbuild. The recent WYZA survey showed that 60% of people over 50 were concerned about having enough money in retirement. Further, the poll indicated that more than a quarter of them (27%) intended to either see a financial planner in the next year and/or invest in shares or managed funds.

When WYZA subscribers were asked what they intended to do in the next year a lot of their decisions involved real estate. 11% said they intend to buy or sell their primary residence (49% of this group intended to downsize, 30% to maintain a similar sized home and 4% to upsize). Further, 5% said they would buy an investment property, 7% said they would move to the country or coastal town and 2% said they would move to a retirement village or home. This provides WYZA with revenue generation opportunities from the 2,200 properties featured in their retirement and aged care directory listing. First National Real Estate another strategic partner offers free appraisals which generate sales commissions to WYZA.

Launching on WYZA later in March 2016 will be a 20% off motor insurance through strategic partnership with Hollard. Other insurance offerings will be added as a result of 61% of the WYZA database stating one of their highest priorities in life was having insurance or an emergency fund.

To date, WYZA has successfully raised over $600,000 in seed investment and $1.2M in convertible notes. The pre IPO capital raise of $1.2M is to fund the IPO process and working capital to grow the database to circa 220,000 pre IPO and add strategic partners to offer our audience special deals on telecommunications & ISP (11% indicated they intend to change providers in next 12 months), likewise 10% of subscribers said they intend to change utilities provider.

A warning to brands: Ignore people 50+ at your peril!

Our survey indicates that 87% of Australians 50+ think that businesses are not interested in them but with people 50+ spending $4 billion per week (and the fact that they have high net worth) they are Australia’s wealthiest demographic. The WYZA generation (50+) will live longer than any other generation before them: they are keen to live life to the fullest, but marketers too often depict ageing as a problem rather than an unprecedented opportunity. The WYZA survey was completed by over 8,000 subscribers in February and March 2016

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