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WYZA to raise $1 million on crowd funding platform, Australia’s fastest growing digital destination for people 50 plus, today announced it was joining the Equitise crowd funding platform to raise $1 million.

The WYZA platform delivers a digital marketplace that connects Australia’s & New Zealand’s 9.2 million people aged 50 and over to the products and services they seek.

CEO and founder Mike Farley said this round of funding will be invested in accelerating growth, product development and commercial partnerships, and in particular capitalise on our fast-growing audience by doubling the subscriber database to 500,000 by December 2017.

“We will also be doubling down on our efforts to expand our NZ offering with this capital raise.”

Like many startup ideas, WYZA grew out of the need to solve a problem delivering a solution that better serves people 50 and over.

Michael Farley said “The 50 plus audience spend $4 billion a week – and yet nobody is addressing them as they would wish.

“The WYZA generation is keen to live life to the fullest, they will live longer than any other generation before them yet 88 per cent of them say they feel ignored or misunderstood by marketers.

“What we have learnt is that the old model of reaching people in this age group is broken - remarkably, they spend an average of five hours a day on the internet, social media and their mobile phones.

“Against stereotype, 80% of WYZA respondents have a positive attitude towards technology, 90% have purchased online and 25% do so on a weekly basis.”

The WYZA marketplace ecosystem delivers a multi-pronged revenue base that includes annuity, referral, commission, directory revenues as well as advertising, sponsorship, E-commerce and marketing services. It presents a number of relevant product verticals across travel, insurance, finance, health, retirement living and aged care.

Today, Australia has 7.9 million people over the age of 50 and by 2020 that number will surge by a whopping 12 per cent, meaning just under half of all Australian adults will be aged over 50 - yet only 10 per cent of the national marketing spend is targeted at this valuable and lucrative demographic.

Mr Farley said the move to the Equitise crowd funding platform was providing investors the opportunity to get involved in the 50 plus market who spend over $200 billion a year on goods and services and hold 40% of Australia’s wealth.

He said the growing response to the WYZA platform has reflected the growing influence and desire of the 50-plus demographic to be informed, entertained, enlightened and recognised.

In just two-years, WYZA has experienced tremendous growth including:

  •  250,000 subscriber data base
  •  1.3 million monthly page views
  •  450,000 monthly unique audience
  •  24,000 Facebook followers
  •  12 strategic partners

“This is a fabulous opportunity for investors to get involved with Australia’s fastest growing data driven digital platform,” Mr Farley said.

Equitise is an equity crowdfunding platform that raises money for companies by issuing equity, and enabling the crowd to become shareholders. Companies essentially sell shares for money to grow their business.

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To speak to WYZA CEO Mike Farley or Equitise founder Chris Gilbert or for further information please contact:

Prue MacSween Verve PR 0417 635 045

Debbie Cramsie Verve PR 0412 346 109

  •  WYZA is Australia’s fastest growing digital platform created specifically to serve the needs of people 50+. WYZA aims to disrupt the $200 billion annual spend of this valuable demographic by connecting them directly with the products and services and information they want.
  •  Equitise brings the Australasian investment network together, providing a platform for high growth and innovative companies to partner with investors who believe in them. We make investing in companies accessible, efficient and safe for all investors. It's the modern way to raise capital. Equitise was founded by Chris Gilbert, Jonny Wilkinson, Panche Gjorgjevski and Will Mahon-Heap. 
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